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It takes water, fertile soil and sunshine to give birth to life.
It takes people who love life to give birth to culture.

Bengal is blessed with an abundance of all three life-giving elements - the mighty river Ganges, mineral rich plains and warmth that has sweetened millions of her children nestled in her lap.

Small wonder that life in Bengal is ruled by a culture that absorbs its qualities from the elements it has been nurtured in... read more

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The year was 1986. In an Indian restaurant in downtown Bangkok called 'Himali Chacha', a few enterprising Bengali expatriates congregated with a simple vision in mind - to meet up more frequently in the name of 'Bangali adda'.

The decision at Himali Chacha was the first organized step to celebrate the spirit of Bengal through fun and friendly gatherings.

Soon the get-togethers gathered momentum, and the call came to give it a name. 'Bharati' was unanimously agreed upon ... read more
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